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Testing Talent are a specialised psychometric testing organisation using on-line tests to identify talented individuals in business environments. We are one of the UK and Ireland’s largest independent providers of tests and provide tests for organisations no matter where they are located.  With so many different aptitude and personality tests available Testing Talent have continually refined the products we recommend so that you can be assured that with over 20 years experience we know that they identify the talented people for businesses.


Photo of Dominic McCanny Chartered Occupational Psychologist We are constantly working with test publishers to bring products to organisations that are easy to understand and offer great value for money.  Just one example is in our work with Tests Direct were we are able to offer the only validated test for Care Workers.  This product is only available through Testing Talent. Founded by Dominic McCanny CPsychol, (A Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and therefore Regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council) with over 20 years’ experience in the area of psychometric testing.

Testing Talent provide testing across a wide range of industry sectors and have tested thousands of people; in the past using paper and pencil tests, but now with user friendly on-line systems. Testing Talent tests are used for external and internal selection, identifying future leaders, succession planning and managing talent. Using psychometric tests from our independently reviewed test publishers can bring significant returns of investment by helping to ensure the right person is chosen for the role.

We have built up an excellent reputation for providing a quality and professional service that is centred on the client’s needs. When you work with us you will find us approachable, but driven to ensure that you reach your goals.  With the growth of computer technology, on-line psychometric testing is proving an attractive option, rather than solely relying on the traditional interview in selecting or promoting employees. On-line psychometric testing is a simple and cost effective process that provides insights into an individual’s aptitudes, abilities, and personality.

The benefits of using Testing Talent include:

  • Organisations save money and see an improvement in profits and productivity
  • You make recruitment decisions faster
  • Psychometric tests have been shown to be more predictive of performance than interviews
  • Supports organisational branding and candidate attraction
  • Easy to read reports are available for staff
  • Valid and reliable assessments provide a fair method for selecting candidates
  • Streamlined recruitment processes in volume scenarios by efficiently sifting candidates
  • We offer expert professional advice as Chartered Psychologists

What Our Logo Represents

About Us - Testing Talent LogoHave you ever wondered what an organisation’s logo represents.  Our logo incorporates the values we adopt when working with our clients and also the manner in which we wish to direct our business.

The colour blue represents trust and loyalty; green represents our ambitions to grow; and yellow represents the energy we bring to working with clients.  The shape of the logo is made up of three individuals with their arms outstretched celebrating success.  Looking down on the logo you will see the heads of three people in discussions around a table.  This represents our desire to discuss your requirements so that we fully meet your needs.

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