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At Testing Talent we know from our work with many organisations that no two businesses are the same. We believe in tailoring our work to meet your unique requirements, from hundreds of available psychometric tests and assessment materials. We offer a wide range of Aptitude Tests, Personality Profiles, Situational Judgement Tests and Assessment Centre materials, including ‘off the shelf’ or ‘bespoke’ exercises. Testing Talent offer psychometric testing and candidate assessments across a wide range of job roles including:

Business Development, Sales, Administration, Call Centres, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport, Marketing, Banking and Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Legal, Retail, Production, Hospitality, Leisure, Management Consultancy, Health, Education, Private and Public Sector, and Scientific Roles.

Aptitude Tests measure a range of abilities depending on the role requirements. They include;

  • Verbal– working with words
  • Numerical– working with number
  • Diagrammatic– working with systems
  • Abstract– working with logic
  • Error Checking– working with details
  • Spatial– working with designs
  • Mechanical– working with equipment

Many test publishers also offer a combination of psychometric tests. At Testing Talent we advise what are the most suitable tests depending on your circumstances, offering organisations in-depth assessments of candidates.

Personality Profiles are used to predict performance and potential of candidates.

With 17+ years of experience we believe that undertaking personality profiling provides a much greater in-depth knowledge of the workplace behaviours of candidates in both a recruitment and development context. Applications include:

  • Identifying best fit applicant
  • Identifying future leaders
  • Re-deploy talent across the business
  • Evaluate talent pool following a merger/restructure
  • Create a project team

Test publishers offer many different reports with the completion of one questionnaire. Easy to read reports are available for the organisation and the candidate. Testing Talent will always work with the organisation to choose the most appropriate report. Just some of the reports available include:

  • Organisation and Candidate Report – Provides in-depth report for the organisation and the candidate
  • Interview Guides – Competency based interviewing for line managers to identify areas of concern and strength.
  • Development Report – Used to achieve full potential by illustrating existing capabilities and areas of overplayed strengths.
  • Types Report – Used to enhance team dynamics by identifying people’s approaches to tasks.
  • Team Roles – identifies optimum team roles for an effective team.
  • Leadership Report – Used for talent selection and development.
  • Reflections Report – Provides both negative and positive reflection on work behaviours.
  • Sales Report – Used to build high quality sales teams by identifying potential talent to succeed.
  • Entrepreneurial Report – Predicts entrepreneurial talent with the potential to add value to an organisation.

Situational Judgement Tests

Situational judgement tests assess a candidate’s ability to choose the most appropriate action in a workplace situation. These assessments are designed to assess how candidates would handle situations that they could encounter in the job.

Situational judgement tests measure a candidate’s effectiveness such as management ability, problem solving, negotiation skills, teamwork, interpersonal skills, conflict management and diversity awareness. They are particularly effective measures of managerial and leadership competencies.

Assessment Centres

Traditional assessment centres of candidates attending a centre and undertaking paper and pencil assessments. With the growth in computer technology ‘Virtual Assessment Centres’ are increasingly playing a role in the assessment of individuals. Testing Talent can advise on a solution that meets the organisation’s requirements. We can offer ‘off the shelf’ tests or ‘bespoke’ assessments depending on the organisation’s requirements. As each assessment centre is unique we like to discuss your requirements in depth before making any recommendations.

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