Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff
Clerical, administrative, secretarial and receptionist staff provide an essential service to the efficient and effective functioning of any organisation. Receptionists for example are often the ambassador for the organisation and of course first impressions count. Administrative staff present a professional image for the organisation and having organised and detail oriented administrative staff ensures that the business deals with customer queries in a timely manner. Testing Talent have a wide range of psychometric aptitude and skills tests as well as behavioural profiles that identify the admin staff who can contribute to the success of an organisation. A range of psychometric tests we undertake are:

Aptitude Tests

  • Verbal (working with words)
  • Numerical (working with numbers)
  • Error Checking (working with details)
  • Vetting Applications
  • Helpline

Skills Tests

  • Microsoft Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Outlook; Publisher; Access
  • Administrative In-Trays

Personality Profiles

There are a wide range of profile reports from which to choose, including:

Personal, Line Manager, Interview Guide, Summary Development, Team Roles, Administrative Strengths and Customer Strengths.

Situational Judgement Tests

These tests simulate a real workplace, requiring candidates to combine different cognitive skills in order to progress within the simulation.  The tasks increase in complexity as the test progresses which is engaging and motivating from the candidate’s point of view.  Choose from:

Administrative/Call Centre/Customer Service Dilemmas; Business Decision Analysis; Critical Information Analysis; Legal Interpretation; Financial Appraisal.

Assessment / Development Centres

We can develop bespoke assessment materials to ensure that we meet your organisations specific requirements.  We also administer a range of In-Tray Exercises, Interview Simulations, Scheduling Exercise, 1-2-1 Simulations.

General Comments

Many of our testing partners offer combination testing that also measure the knowledge, skills and abilities for Customer Service, Individual Potential, Self-Motivation, Building Relationships, Business Acumen, Drive for Results, and Professionalism.

As an independent firm of Chartered Psychologists we work with you to select the most appropriate tests from our partner organisations.

Buy and view sample reports of some of the Psychometric Tests we would recommend for 

Administrative Staff                            Call Centre Staff

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