Assessing Apprentices, Technical Staff and Engineers

Assessing Apprentices Technical and Operational Staff

Over many years Testing Talent has built up an expertise in our work with employers assessing apprentices, technical staff and engineers.  Our range of psychometric aptitude tests available ensures that the many different skills required to perform effectively in these types of job role can be accurately measured. The types of aptitude tests commonly used are:

  • Verbal (working with words)
  • Numerical (working with numbers)
  • Diagrammatic (working with systems)
  • Error Checking (working with details)
  • Abstract (working with logic)
  • Fault Identification (working in quality)
  • Mechanical Operator Solutions


Testing Talent offer an ‘Apprentice Aptitude’ psychometric test suitable for operational, technical, engineering, manufacturing, and construction apprentices. The assessment measures both technical and comprehension reasoning through verbal, numerical, checking, spatial, mechanical, and diagrammatic tests. It is designed for all types of staff at apprentice or entry-level.

Personality Profiles

There are a wide range of profile reports from which to choose, including:

Work and Operational Strengths, Personal, Line Manager, Interview Guide, Summary Development, Premium Development, Types, Team Roles, Leadership, Reflections.

Situational Judgement Tests

These tests simulate a real workplace, requiring candidates to combine different cognitive skills in order to progress within the simulation.  The tasks increase in complexity as the test progresses which is engaging and motivating from the candidate’s point of view.  Choose from:

Supervisor Scenarios Test, Vetting Applications, Talent Simulations, Group Leader Simulations, Production Team Member Simulations, Skilled Maintenance Worker Simulations, Commercial Reasoning, and Fault Identification.

Assessment / Development Centres

We can develop bespoke assessment materials to ensure that we meet your organisations specific requirements.  We also administer a range of In-Tray Exercises, 1-2-1 Simulations and Fact Finding and Analysis exercises.  Testing Talent now offer a range of ‘Virtual Assessment Centres’.

General Comments

Many of our testing partners offer combination testing that also measure the knowledge, skills and abilities for Leadership Professionalism, Potential, Business Acumen, Building Relationships, and Drive for Results and Self-Motivation.

As an independent firm of Chartered Psychologists we work with you to select the most appropriate tests from our partner organisations.

Buy and view sample reports of some of the Psychometric Tests we would recommend for:

Apprentices                    Operational & Technical Staff                    Engineers

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