Assessing Graduates

Assessing Graduates and Management Trainees

Hiring the best and brightest graduates presents many challenges for employers.  Assessing Graduates is the scientific approach to ensure that you can identify your future business leaders? Are your competitors beating you to the most talented graduates?  In an increasingly competitive environment, employers face high volumes of applicants making it difficult to hire the right graduates, management trainees and professionals. Use Testing Talent’s intelligence and expertise to inform your graduate hiring decisions to objectively, sift out, and screen in talented people.   Our wide range of psychometric tests and assessment materials are a reliable and valid way in assessing graduates.

Select the right graduate and provide a positive experience

The need to identify the right graduate, before your competitors do, is critical and requires an objective, effective, scalable and candidate-friendly process that does not rely on educational qualifications alone as a measure of potential.  Using our range of aptitude and personality tests you will enhance the probability of selecting the right graduates as well as providing them with a positive experience of dealing with your organisation.

Aptitude Tests

  • Verbal (Working with Words)
  • Numerical (Working with Numbers)
  • Diagrammatic (Working with Systems)
  • Abstract (Measures abstract critical reasoning)
  • Combination (Tests measuring all of the above)

Personality Tests

From our work with employers many report that whilst graduate and management trainees may well be academically well qualified, they lack understanding of the demands in a working environment. Using our personality tests this provides to employers an insight into how the individual will ‘fit’ into the workplace as well as performing effectively in the job role.

Graduate Facts

An average of 85 applications are received per graduate vacancy

Only 1 in 10 graduates entering the UK workforce has the potential to succeed in the future as an effective leader

Each graduate makes an average of 25 applications

The Higher Education Initiative reports 61% of graduates enhance grades on their CVs

By 2025 Generation Y will make up 70% of the Global workforce

Nearly 1 in 4 of graduates have no intention of staying longer than one year at their organisation

48% of graduates hired applied to their employer principally due to a strong brand or reputation

Male are 5% less likely to hold a 2:1 or First Class Degree Classification when they graduate.

Females who study part-time are also much less likely to hold a 2:1 or First Class Degree Classification

Select the Right Graduates and Management Trainees

Using our online psychometric assessments organisations can use their values and competency language to select the right graduate and management trainees who will best fit your organisation. When dealing with large numbers of graduate applicants, Testing Talent can professionally deliver online psychometric testing or Virtual Assessment Centres saving your organisation both time and money.

Buy and view sample reports of some of the Psychometric Tests we would recommend for Graduates

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