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Skilled Staff

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Skilled Staff

Skilled Staff
Skilled staff play an increasing important role in ever more complex business settings. These skilled specialists and professionals deliver great value in IT, legal, finance and Human Resource functions. It is vital for organisations therefore to identify the talented individuals. Testing Talent have an excellent range of psychometric tests, personality profiles and assessment centre exercises to assist organisations identify talented skilled staff .

Aptitude Tests

  • Verbal (working with words)
  • Numerical (working with numbers)
  • Error Checking (working with details)
  • Abstract (working with logic)
  • Diagrammatic (working with systems)

Personality Profiles

Very often these skilled staff progress to management positions and having an understanding of what motivates them, how resilient they are to business pressures are not fully explored. Whether this is at the recruitment stage or in their personal development, understanding their strengths both personally and in the business context is vital to ensure business growth. There are a wide range of profile reports from which to choose, including:

Personal, Line Manager, Interview Guide, Summary Development, Premium Development, Types, Team Roles, Leadership, Reflections, Sales, Entrepreneurial Potential, Derailment, Resilience.

Situational Judgement Tests

These tests simulate a real workplace, requiring candidates to combine different cognitive skills in order to progress within the simulation.  The tasks increase in complexity as the test progresses which is engaging and motivating from the candidate’s point of view.  Choose from:

Business Decision Analysis; Critical Business Planning; Critical Information Analysis; Commercial Reasoning; Legal Interpretation; Financial Appraisal; Management Dilemma; Fault Identification; Performance Programming; Managerial Scenarios; Graduate Scenarios; Technical Writing.

Assessment / Development Centres

We can develop bespoke assessment materials to ensure that we meet your organisations specific requirements.  We also administer a range of In-Tray Exercises, 1-2-1 Simulations, Fact Finding and Analysis exercises.

General Comments

Many of our testing partners offer combination testing that also measure the knowledge, skills and abilities for Leadership, Professionalism, Potential, Business Acumen, Building Relationships, Drive for Results and Self-Motivation.

As an independent firm of Chartered Psychologists we work with you to select the most appropriate tests from our partner organisations.

Buy and view sample reports of some of the Psychometric Tests we would recommend for skilled staff working in:

                 Customer Services & Retail                     Production, Design, Engineering & Science               

  Call Centres                      Apprenticeships                     The Care Sector

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