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About Dominic McCanny

Dominic is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, registered with the BPS and Regulated by the HCPC.After completing his MSc in Occupational Psychology at Queens University Belfast in 1998, he worked as Managing Director for Interventus Business Psychologists before founding Testing Talent and becoming an acting partner in Mind Change.
29 06, 2018

Does your organisation have talented Brexit leaders?

June 29th, 2018|

Have you the talented Brexit leaders to survive? Having talented Brexit leaders will I believe see some organisations continue to grow and prosper.  However, the countdown is well and truly with us and the need for clarity and progression has never been stronger particularly with both Airbus and BMW recently warning about the threats of [...]

25 04, 2018

What my heart attack taught me about NHS teamwork

April 25th, 2018|

What my heart attack taught me about NHS teamwork The following blog reflects on my recent experience of having a heart attack.  As a business psychologist it was great to have the opportunity to just watch what was happening in a serious medical emergency and the follow-up care I received.  This article considers a very [...]

5 03, 2018

Using Psychometrics The Pitfalls

March 5th, 2018|

Using Psychometrics - The Pitfalls For HR When using psychometrics the pitfalls for HR departments can unexpectedly call into question (often by the hiring managers) questions around how well does the assessment meet the relevant work performance criteria.  As a first step we would recommend that HR professionals embark on an evaluation process to [...]

31 01, 2018

Reinventing Talent Assessments

January 31st, 2018|

Reinventing Talent Assessment Reinventing talent assessment has now become a key concern for talent and recruiting managers of organisations.  In a recent report by CEB (formerly SHL) they identify with many of the questions organisations are now posing about selecting talented people for their business. Can you identify with the following? "Our new recruit [...]

29 12, 2017

Being Kind at Work

December 29th, 2017|

Being Kind at Work Being kind at work it would appear, benefits people who do an act of kindness, the recipient, the organisation and the overall organisational climate.  A range of experiments (mainly laboratory based) has consistently shown that when someone is kind to us we ‘pay it forward’ and as a result we [...]

16 10, 2017

5 Signs of Emotional Intelligence

October 16th, 2017|

5 Signs Of Emotional Intelligence These 5 Signs of Emotional intelligence predict people’s ability to regulate themselves, manage other people, achieve success and are particularly useful in every day work situations. Research shows a link between emotional intelligence and both career and business success. Not everyone is born with it, but unlike IQ, emotional [...]

29 08, 2017

Work Performance Traits

August 29th, 2017|

What traits predict work performance? Excellent work performance is always that ‘goal’ employers most want to get from their employees.  But what traits are likely to predict work performance?   My grand-mother always said, “education is easy carried and good manners will take you far”.  In many ways, she is exactly right.  Cognitive ability is [...]

28 07, 2017

Personality Tests For Work

July 28th, 2017|

Personality Tests For Work Dominic McCanny (Chartered Occupational Psychologist) provides a brief overview of 'personality tests for work' highlighting the 'basics' you should be looking for when using these type of assessments. Personality tests for work are today used in an ever increasing way.  Let me first say that I don't believe they are [...]

14 06, 2017

Poor Managers Make Workers Unhappy

June 14th, 2017|

Poor Managers Make Workers Unhappy 'Poor managers make workers unhappy' was a major finding in a recent study conducted by Testing Talent with Northern Ireland workers.  The study was conducted over 9 days in May 2017 with 100 respondents - 84% worked in Northern Ireland. Eighteen percent (18%) of respondents when asked "What makes [...]

23 05, 2017

Psychometric Tests Did Not Discriminate

May 23rd, 2017|

Psychometric Tests Did Not Discriminate – Need for Reasonable Adjustments and Flexibility in Recruitment Dominic McCanny provides information on making reasonable adjustments when using psychometric tests following the case of Government Legal Service v Brookes (2017). In the recent case of Government Legal Service (GLS) v Brookes (Great Britain), which has received considerable media [...]