Brexit and Emotional Intelligent Staff

Much has been written certainly over the last 15 years on how businesses can thrive and be successful, particularly in the context of the business crash of 2008.  ‘Brexit’ is now firmly on the horizon for the UK with implications for the EU and further afield.  The challenges will be unique, particularly in the context of the business relationships between Ireland and the UK.

TEIQue Wheel

At Testing Talent, we are experts in the field of assessing Emotional Intelligence of staff as well as implementing management development programmes to develop the necessary people skills to grow businesses.  We use Thomas International’s TEIQue Emotional Intelligence report (pronounced TQ) as the first stage in assessing individuals, following this up with our training and management interventions.  The TEIQue is a registered test with the British Psychological Society and has been audited against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests.

Detailed below are some case studies of how assessing and developing the Emotional Intelligence of staff has seen very successful outcomes for the business, particularly in terms of changes to their business models.  We believe similar management change issues will arise because of Brexit.

Jurys Doyle Hotel Group – Head Chef Programme

The assessment of Emotional Intelligence, “has been instrumental in enhancing our chef’s self-awareness – helping them to deal with their emotions, their team and their changing role within the company more effectively.  Less time is wasted ‘talking around’ a subject and we get to the heart of the matter quicker.”  The TEIQue has provided our head chef development programme, maximum benefits for a minimum of effort.

Saffron Building Society – Executive Team Development

“Using the TEIQue with our Executive team has stimulated self-awareness and provides a real insight into their emotional strengths and limitations.  Becoming more aware of the way their behaviour impacts upon others helps them to build better relationships with their team, and this in turn affects how members of their team interact with colleagues.  The TEIQue gives very detailed information some of which can be quite sensitive.  It gives individuals the ability to make considered choices about whether altering their behaviour could improve their work performance, and for already skilled managers it can open up avenues of development they may not have previously considered.”

Northampton College – Team and Management Performance

“Combining Thomas’ work based assessments with the College’s academic expertise puts us in a strong commercial position.  Internally the assessments have made us a better team.  Now we don’t just support each other – we really work together.  We have a common toolkit and language to use with clients and this enables team members to cover for one another with minimum disruption.  Having the ability to field a large training team (20+ people) who work together seamlessly gives us a real edge over private providers.”

How Testing Talent Can Assist

Testing Talent can develop Managers who wish to be more adaptive in their leadership style, flexible in their approach to relationships and enhance their awareness in relation to self and team management, both pre and post Brexit.

  • Address poor performance
  • Develop top talent
  • Increase emotional functioning and wellness
  • Higher morale and motivations

We work with organisations to implement a programme that provides benefits and which leads to increased productivity for the business.  With many changes going to arise with the UK leaving the European Union and entering Brexit negotiations; start to increase your staffs’ Emotional Intelligence to benefit your business in this time of uncertainty and potential opportunity.

All our staff are fully trained in the use of TEIQue and have in-depth experience in working in a wide range of businesses, undergoing change.

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