Directors, Managers & Graduates

If your organisation is recruiting Directors, Managers and Graduates our mission is to provide clarity in making the right decisions to recruit and promote the best people for their business. Over the past 20 years we have assisted a wide range of businesses in identifying talented Directors, Managers and Graduates.  We pride ourselves on maintaining our independence from test publishers and only select tests that are proven to predict performance on the job. Over the years we have developed an excellent reputation with clients in selecting tests that are straightforward to understand. Under the following Job Levels from our experience we would recommend a range of aptitude, situational judgement tests and personality and behavioural profiles based on the real value they provide in assessing individuals.

New Sales Profile from Saville Assessment

We are pleased to offer Saville Assessment’s new Sales Profile at a discounted price of:

£140.00 + VAT.

This professional profile based on Saville Assessment’s Wave Profile compares sales people against 2000 other sales people, providing you with an overview of the likely preferences an individual will display in a sales setting.

Download Sample Sales Profile Here

Aptitude Tests – Saville Assessment

The Saville Assessment tests are designed for senior directors, managers, graduates and professional roles. They are set at NVQ level 4 and 5 standards. We have used these tests for many years and our clients have recognised how they have assisted in identifying talented individuals across these basic areas of managerial competence.

Two options are available for aptitude testing. The first is to use a combination test to test their Verbal, Numerical and Logical reasoning abilities with a single test. The second is to do individual tests for one or more of these abilities.

Combination of Verbal, Numerical & Logic tests.See Sample Report
Single Test – VerbalSee Sample Report
Single Test – NumericalSee Sample Report
Single Test – LogicSee Sample Report

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) – SHL

The SHL scenarios test assesses managerial judgement – an individual’s ability to weigh up “real life” managerial situations and decide on appropriate and effective ways of handling them. It assesses an individual’s current level of Managerial Judgement, but can also be used to provide feedback on how to improve their skills in this area. Three different SJT’s are available, designed specifically for Executive, Managerial and Graduate level recruitment.
The test presents individuals with a series of hypothetical managerial situations, each of which is followed by several possible responses, which they are then asked to rate on a 6-point scale. An individual’s answers are then compared with a set of ideal answers generated by experts giving an assessment of an individual’s Managerial Judgement.

Scenarios Judgement Tests – ExecutiveSee Sample Report
Scenarios Judgement Tests – ManagerialSee Sample Report
Scenarios Judgement Tests – GraduateSee Sample Report

Personality Profiles – SHL OPQ Manager Plus

The SHL OPQ manager plus report is based on the OPQ32 and utilises the Universal Competency Framework and the SHL Team Impact Model. The Manager Plus Report presents information in business relevant, understandable terms. The report format helps line managers interpret and use the information to support hiring or development decisions with minimal training or guidance.

The Manager Plus Report show how an individual:

  • Prefers to work (e.g. whether they like to sell and negotiate, or not). This information covers three key areas: how an individual interacts with people; how they approach tasks; and how their feelings and emotions impact at work.
  •  Is likely to perform against the 20 Universal Competencies proven to be important at work (e.g. Leading & Supervising)
  • Is likely to interact with colleagues and the impact the individual will have on a team
  • There is growing recognition that successful teams contribute greatly to an organisation’s success, however, few tools in the market offer a practical and cost effective way of measuring, building and selecting teams.
OPQ Manager PlusSee Sample Report

Behavioural Profile – Saville Consulting

Work Strengths

The Saville Consulting Work Strengths questionnaire identifies the potential strengths of an individual against the successful behaviours required for a graduate, management trainee, manager or professional role. It is also designed to assess applicants against organizational and cultural fit
Whilst a behavioural profile does not provide the same level of detail as a full personality profile, Work Strengths has been shown to accurately predict behaviours and improve the calibre of later stage candidates. It allows better candidate placement by showing performance enhancers and inhibitors and provides a positive experience for the candidates by presenting them with relevant questions that they can complete quickly.

Work StrengthsSee Sample Report