Frontline Sales Staff

Talented frontline sales staff are often the people that directly increase your sales or alternatively can earn you a bad reputation. Our Mission at Testing Talent is to provide organisations clarity in making the right decisions and in taking the right actions to recruit and promote the best people for their business. We pride ourselves on maintaining our independence from test publishers and only select tests that are proven to predict performance on the job. Over many years we have developed an excellent reputation with clients in selecting tests for frontline sales staff that are straightforward to understand. Under the following Job Levels from our experience we would recommend a range of aptitude, situational judgement tests and personality and behavioural profiles based on the real value they provide in assessing individuals.

These tests are only available to organisations.  We are not permitted to sell tests to individuals.

Our Pricing Structure

  1. To purchase a test please click on ‘Buy Tests’, provide us with the relevant information and we will assess your requirements as well as arranging to conduct the tests.
  2. We know that every business is unique and therefore we may suggest different products depending on the nature of the job.
  3. Discounts apply if assessing 10+ individuals.
  4. We provide up to 1-hour interpretation of the results of the tests free of charge.

Aptitude Tests – Talent Q

Talent Q’s Aspects Ability is an innovative range of online adaptive ability tests measuring verbal, numerical and checking skills designed specifically for use in frontline customer service, sales and support roles.

  • Aspects Ability Verbal is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to interpret verbal information and reach correct conclusions.
  • Aspects Ability Numerical is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to analyse and draw inferences from numerical information and data.
  • The Aspects Ability Checking test is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to quickly and accurately detect errors in data.

Talent Q’s Aspects Styles is a competency-based questionnaire. It is based on a well-researched model of 16 competencies designed to reflect those needed in customer facing roles. We work with you to identify 6 of the 16 competencies that are the best predictors of job success for your role and it is these 6 competencies that your candidates will be tested on.

Combination of Verbal, Numerical & Error Checking tests See Sample Report
Styles Behavioural Profile includedSee Sample Report

Behavioural Profiles

Commercial Strengths – Saville Consulting

The Saville Consulting Strengths questionnaires identify the potential strengths of individuals against the successful behaviours required for the role. It is designed to assess applicants against organisational and cultural fit.

The Commercial Strengths questionnaire identifies the potential strengths of an individual against the behaviours required for sales, marketing and business development roles.

Whilst a behavioural profile does not provide the same level of detail as a full personality profile, Work Strengths has been shown to accurately predict behaviours and improve the calibre of later stage candidates. It allows better candidate placement by showing performance enhancers and inhibitors and provides a positive experience for the candidates by presenting them with relevant questions that they can complete quickly.

Commercial StrengthsSee Sample Report

Sales Aptitude Inventory (SAI) – Tests Direct

This tool allows you to save time and money by ensuring that you recruit only the best candidates by giving an accurate and in-depth insight into a candidate’s approach to sales. It produces accurate scores proven to pinpoint those most likely to succeed. It rates the candidate’s customer focus, productivity, customer confidence and overall customer service potential on a scale of 1-5. It gives you an insight into what you should be asking the candidates at interview and allows for a more effective induction into the organisation.

Sales Aptitude InventorySee Sample Report