Sales Directors & Senior Sales Managers

If recruiting Sales Directors and Senior Sales Managers Testing Talent provides organisations clarity in identifying high performing staff to grow and develop your business. We pride ourselves on maintaining our independence from test publishers and only select tests that are proven to predict performance on the job. Over many years we have developed an excellent reputation with clients in selecting tests that are straightforward to understand. Under the following Job Levels from our experience we would recommend a range of aptitude, situational judgement tests and personality and behavioural profiles based on the real value they provide in assessing individuals.


Aptitude Tests – Saville Assessment

The Saville Assessment psychometric tests are designed for sales directors and senior managers. They are set at NVQ level 4 and 5 standards. We have used these tests for many years and our clients have recognised how they have assisted in identifying talented individuals across these basic areas of managerial competence.

Two options are available for aptitude testing. The first is to use a combination test to test their Verbal, Numerical and Logical reasoning abilities with a single test. The second is to do individual tests for one or more of these abilities.

Combination of Verbal, Numerical & Logic tests.See Sample Report
Single Tests – VerbalSee Sample Report
Single Tests – NumericalSee Sample Report
Single Tests – LogicSee Sample Report

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) – SHL

The SHL scenarios test assesses managerial judgement – an individual’s ability to weigh up “real life” managerial situations and decide on appropriate and effective ways of handling them. It assesses an individual’s current level of Managerial Judgement, but can also be used to provide feedback on how to improve their skills in this area.
The test presents individuals with a series of hypothetical managerial situations, each of which is followed by several possible responses, which they are then asked to rate on a 6-point scale. This test is set at a managerial level.

Managerial Judgement TestSee Sample Report

Personality Profiles – SHL

SHL OPQ Sales Report

The SHL OPQ Sales Report provides a snapshot of an individual’s natural styles that are critical to sales success in a simple, easy-to-use format. They are ideal in identify talented Sales Directors and Senior Sales Managers.  Each of the three sections in the report provides a graphical scale showing how the candidate’s responses rated on a scale of low to high, or not motivating to very motivating. Each rating is followed by a description of how a high or a low score could be interpreted for on-the-job performance, enabling a hiring manager to identify potential strengths, weaknesses and areas to investigate further.

The Sales Report is based on the OPQ32 and, optionally, the Motivation Questionnaire. Combined, these tools offer a precise and in-depth picture of the important factors relevant for success in sales. It measures success factors in three main areas:

  • Sales Foundations: Factors important to sales effectiveness in most sales situations
  • Sales Cycle: How an individual is likely to perform in specific sales situations
  • Motivation: Aspects of motivation critical to keeping sales people performing at their peak

The Sales Report Interview Guide provides a structured way of gathering information about each candidate and their competency potential in relation to a sales role.

OPQ Sales ReportSee Sample Report

Dimensions Sales Report – Talent Q

Personality is reported in relation to the different stages involved in managing the sales cycle. The report provides insight and identifies development needs where selling and influencing are key to success in a role.

This profile applies personality styles to the context of sales. The Talent Q Sales Model breaks down the sales process into eight key stages and suggests the respondent’s likely level of comfort in each area. The eight stages are:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Building Rapport
  • Fact Finding
  • Identifying Needs
  • Presenting Solutions
  • Handling Objections
  • Getting the Sale
  • Post-meeting Service
Dimensions Sales ReportSee Sample Report