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Career guidance is perhaps one of the most under used approaches by individuals choosing a career or in changing careers.  Whether you are a student finishing GCSEs’ or A Levels; about to consider going to University or changing career pathways obtaining trusted professional career guidance will provide you with information on a range of career areas that you may excel at.  Some of which you may not even have thought about.  When you are in work, why is it that some people find work really enjoyable and others feel that it is real drudgery.  Thankfully for myself I have always been fortunate in having work that I found interesting, no matter what stage of life I was at.

Career Guidance - Photo Enjoying Work

Picture by Kelly Brito

I think that the key to finding work enjoyable is, am I interested in it?  Does work make me feel that I am contributing and that it is worthwhile.  That doesn’t mean to say that work cannot at times be tiring but on the whole do you really like your work?  Can you say that your work currently gives you a real ‘buzz’ and enjoyment.

Today many of us will have a number of careers in our working lifetime.  Our working lifetime, with the end of the ‘traditional 65’ age of retirement, is now edging towards the age of 70 for a lot of us.  Many of us in the future will work for 50 years.  If you have to work for that length of time then isn’t it in your own interest to be suited to your career?  Not many of us take time out to think what type of work will make us really happy.  We sometimes just fall into a career.  Perhaps this is why you are visiting this page.  Or, you are looking for some inspiration as to the type of career that you will enjoy for many years.  Adults, ask yourself the question, if you could leave your current job what would you really like to be working at?

As an adult, feeling unhappy in work is not a pleasant experience and only seeing it as a means to an end can be a ‘depressing’ thought.  Getting expert advise is a really excellent way in which to focus on the type of career that you will excel in, feel valued, recognised, as well as contributing to your personal success.

At the age of 38 I made the decision to sell my insurance brokerage business and then train to become a psychologist.  Prior to making this decision I worked with a psychologist, for over a year, to prepare myself for such a radical change in my personal and working life.  Going to University at that age of 38 did present some challenges but for me it was the best decision I ever made.  I can honestly say that I now really do love my work.

Therefore, we often come to cross-roads in our life, whether this is as a student or mid-life through our career when we wish to find out, the type of career that will provide us with a rewarding work life.   At Testing Talent we are Chartered Occupational Psychologists professionally trained to provide career guidance advice.  Often individuals are put off seeking career guidance due to the potential costs involved.  We are delighted to now offer two cost effective approaches to assist you in finding out what type of career areas you are likely to find interesting.

We can now offer the ‘Myself Career Guidance’ developed by Saville Assessment one of the leading international test publishers in the UK and Irish market.  The questionnaire only takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and produces an easy to understand report that indicates your:

  • Career Fit – Indicates for you the top three career areas you are likely to be suited to
  • Career Chart – Career options which you are most likely to be suited to and that will maximise your strengths
  • Strengths – The type of organisational culture that you are suited to
  • Challenges – Areas that you may find difficult to demonstrate ability in

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You can purchase the Myself Career Guidance Report on its own or you can avail of professional expert one-to-one coaching, delivered over a video conference or by telephone.

Why should I pay for a Career Guidance Report when I can get it free on the internet?

Yes there are loads of reports available for free.  However a lot of them lack a scientific rigour on the behaviours people adopt in being successful in work.  Saville Assessment has an undeniable pedigree in researching and developing products that have proven evidence on which they prepare their reports.  Below you will see the groups of people they have used in developing the Myself Report and which has been specifically designed for workplace settings.  Therefore, you get a report that provides you with a deep insight into a range of areas that not only can assist you in considering a range of career options but also one that offers an effective and easy assessment for your career planning discussions; preparing you for interviews and the world of work.

Career Guidance for Students

Career Guidance - Student Working

Your My Self Career Guidance Report will be based on a comparison group  of 558 student participants at educational institutions in the UK.   49% of the sample was female and 51% were male. The age of the group ranged from 12 to 52 years, with a mean age of 16 years.  45% of the group were students studying towards GCSE qualifications. 44% of the group were students studying towards A-level qualifications and 11% of the group were studying towards degree qualifications.


The cost of My Self Career Guidance Student Report is £60.00 (which includes VAT) – To purchase click the Buy Now button below.

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Career Guidance for Adults

Career Guidance - Man at WorkYour My Self Career Guidance Report will be based on a comparison group of professionals and managers consisting of 1240 participants, employed in a range of job functions across a wide range of industry  sectors. Of these, 72% worked in the following industry sectors: banking, construction, consulting services, healthcare, IT, insurance, legal, local government, manufacturing and production. The remaining 28% worked in other industry sectors including, building maintenance, consumer products, education, engineering, financial services, hospitality, transport, retail, telecommunications, or described their industry sector as ‘other’. 39% of the sample was female and 61% were male.  The age of the group ranged from 20 to 64 years, with a mean age of 37 years.

The cost of My Self Career Guidance Adult Report is £60.00 (which includes VAT) – To purchase click the Buy Now button below.

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Career Guidance Administration

Please note we use PayPal to ensure that your personal and banking details are full encrypted.  When we receive your order we will issue your logon and password details so that you can complete your questionnaire.  This will be done within one working day (excludes weekends and public/bank holidays).  Once you complete your questionnaire your report will be sent to you, again within one working day (excluding weekends and bank holidays).  If you wish to avail of 1-1 coaching as well, we will contact you to arrange your session when we forward your report.

Considering Self-Employment

Really anyone can become self-employed provided of course you do have a good idea that will generate for you an income.  Indeed the increase in self-employment (as opposed to ‘Dependent Contractors’ – Uber Drivers | Deliveroo etc.) has shown much growth in recent years.  Government, local authorities and Enterprise Centres all encourage people to ‘Go For It’.

Career Guidance - Window Cleaners

Picture by Samuel Zeller

However, most will not mention the FAILURE rate of self-employed businesses.  Did you know that approximately 60% of all self-employed businesses fail within 5 years? (Source ONS – UK)  Some people will even end up bankrupt.  So, there is a dark side to self-employment not often discussed.  Don’t get me wrong Testing Talent is a self-employed business.  We have come through two deep recessions.  So what is it about us that has ensured we continue to grow our business even when so many people fail.  We really like being self-employed.  It works really well for us.  It must be something about ‘My Self’.

To the best of our knowledge none of the Agencies encouraging us into self-employment assess the individual to find out if they have the ‘personality’ to be successful in self-employment. They will offer you good advice on business planning, marketing, accounting, the processes of businesses but little or nothing on you as an individual.  Do you have the ‘X Factors’ to be successful?

We can now offer you an assessment by Saville Assessment, My Self Entrepreneurial Report that highlights the key areas for success in becoming an entrepreneur.  Developed over 15 + years by Professor Hall using the ENTRECODE Model, this is a scientifically tested assessment that provides you with  an overview of your likely success.

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The My Self Entrepreneurial Report is based on 6 key areas | Getting in the Zone | Building Capability | Opening up to the World | Staying in the Zone | Seeing Possibilities | Creating Opportunities.  Your list of strengths is presented in order from your strongest ‘Signature Strength’ to the area of greatest challenge for you. The implications for ‘Signature Strength’ and ‘Challenge Area’ are also described.  You also receive an indication of your entrepreneurial strengths.

The Report is based on your responses that have been compared with a group of 1,240 international professionals and managers and then rank ordered.  Two options are available.

The cost of the My Self Entrepreneurial Report is £60.00 (which includes VAT) – To purchase please click on the Buy Now button below.

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The administration of the My Self Entrepreneurial Report is the same as the Career Guidance Administration – see above.

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Do you want to speak with us

Often people wish to discuss their report with us and seek further assistance and guidance.  We are always delighted to do so.  Coaching is undertaken using either video conferencing or by telephone and is conducted in English.  

The cost of additional Coaching Credits is £120 per hour (which includes VAT) – To purchase click the Buy Now button belowBuy Now - 1 Hour Professional Coaching Session