In Executive Assessment I know that no one size fits all.  That’s why after 20 + years Testing Talent has been changing the way businesses like yours find the right people for the right positions. Two decades on, I continue to think out of the box, doing everything in my power to feed your growing enterprise with outstanding candidates.  It might seem like you have to climb Everest but you don’t!   That’s why I’m introducing our brand-new Executive Assessment – delivering invaluable insights regarding potential candidates for your business.

Executive Assessment - Mount Everest

With such senior appointments I’m sure you will have many concerns.  Our clients point out many of these such as:

  • Will the person be fully engaged?
  • Can they adapt and perform?
  • Have they the resilience for a relentlessly changing environment?
  • Will they fit the culture of the organisation?
  • Will you be able to trust the person?

Before I tell you more about the assessment, allow me to tell you why you should trust Testing Talent. As Chartered Business Psychologists and specialised people assessment experts, I understand first-hand how challenging executive assessment recruitment can be; especially for critical executive roles. I genuinely care about driving businesses forward.  If you have 100+ employees, it’s crucial to hire people who care just as much about your vision and mission as you do.

About Our New Executive Assessment

I use a comprehensive approach to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform and make a lasting impact on your organisation. In doing so I provide in-depth data and insights that will simplify the decision-making process for critical executive roles, such as:

  • Chief Executive 
  • Chief Finance 
  • Other various Chief Officer Positions
  • Directors and General Managers

I am passionate about filtering candidates and separating the good ones from the great ones and also those who will not be so great! It’s not just my job to apply the best approach but I see it as my professional obligation.  Depending on what you’re searching for, I will analyse the following in candidates:

  • Executive Potential
  • Success Potential
  • Potential for the future and for internal growth
  • Commitment to your company
  • Their strengths and their areas for development

Making Recommendations

Once I’ve assessed your candidates, I’ll form a concise shortlist, delivering a complete picture of their expertise, leadership skills, character, motivation, and cultural fit.  While most “assessments” only deliver half of the picture, I offer a holistic perspective on candidates’ personality, attitude and ability to adapt in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

I know that you have questions that go beyond candidates’ ability to perform. How will they behave in your business? How will they make decisions? Will they be able to identify potential risks? My assessment will unearth the answers you seek, using years of experience as a Chartered Business Psychologist to personally assess and select worthy candidates.

Your Wheel Of Opportunity in Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment - Wheel of OpportunityOur proven assessment techniques are convenient, sophisticated, and will provide you with unprecedented control over who represents your business – inside and out. You’ll be able to see who is ready to join your business immediately, and who may need some support.

I’ll examine various key dimensions capable of revealing a lot about a candidate’s fit for your organisation. All dimensions work together to craft a comprehensive overview of the person.

These include:

Competencies:  Skills and behaviours for role success

Experience: Measurement of opportunities experienced, along with what candidates have learned.

Characteristics: Intellectual and emotional intelligence qualities. Can these be strengthened over time?

Motivations: Aspirations, values and desires for the future.

The Executive Assessment Process

  1. You will provide me with a job profile that outlines the position requirements.
  2. I’ll want to discuss with the hiring Director, in some depth, requirements for success in the job role.
  3. I’ll provide candidates with executive exercises to weed out the great from the good and those who are average.
  4. I’ll capture key data from each individual.
  5. Each participant will be assessed using a graded scale.
  6. Your hiring Director will have access to the candidate’s report, highlighting each individual’s results.
  7. You will be able to compare, make your choice, and hire with confidence.
  8. Candidates also receive an executive report that outlines their strengths and potential.
  9. I’ll support you at every stage of your Executive Assessment journey.
  10. I operate strictly in an ethical and confidential manner in all our dealings with you.

Testing Talent’s Executive Assessment is an effective way to uphold the professional standards you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Recruiting credible, high-performing executives should be straightforward. My innovative assessment makes this possible. To guarantee business growth in the right direction, with the right leaders on your team, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. I’d love the opportunity to chat with you and learn more about your business and needs – no matter your industry. Click the button below to contact me.

When you work with me you will find that I am trusting and loyal.  I want to grow your business by identifying the right executives and finally I will bring energy and professionalism to meet your needs.

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