Job Interviews and Psychometric Assessments

At Testing Talent we know that job interviews are important for your business.  As a minimum, we all want to have those interactions, both social and business, before we hire anyone.  However, as one of the leading independent providers of psychometric tests and assessment services throughout the UK and Ireland we thought it might be useful to let you know the extent and range of psychometric assessments we have provided in the past two months.  These organisations all interview candidates and do so in the knowledge of having a more in-depth understanding of the individual’s, aptitudes and or personality.  Therefore, they recognize and understand the benefits that psychometric testing brings to their organisations.


If you think that psychometric testing is not for your business – well think again!

Look at the work areas and types of assessment we have provided.   Our clients range from small employers to multi-nationals and we provide assessments right across the world.  If you really want to get a more in-depth insight into hiring new staff or promoting current staff rely on us for delivering professional assessments.  With 19 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on providing a service that is knowledgeable, informative and one that offers value for money.

The work areas and types of assessment are:

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What are the benefits of testing?

As an employer, you will invest considerable time and finances when you employ anyone.  Naturally you will wish to recruit the best people for your business.   At Testing Talent, we believe that our assessments:

  • Predict job performance
  • Save you money and improve productivity
  • Recruitment decisions are made quicker
  • Reduce workload for busy managers
  • Increase organisational performance
  • Achieve higher levels of engagement and motivation
  • Enhance your organisation’s Brand for being objective and fair

As Chartered Occupational Psychologists, we operate with leading test publishers’ such as Saville Assessment; CEB:SHL; Talent Q; Assessment & Development Consultants; OPP; Tests Direct; Thomas International; PAN; that offer reliable and valid assessments, delivered through modern on-line systems.

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