Ernst & Young Choose Psychometric Assessments and Tests

Ernst & Young one of the largest UK accountancy and consultancy firms have now moved to psychometric assessments for potential recruits removing academic qualifications from their entry criteria.  “This means to make an application for our schools, undergraduate or graduate programmes, you will no longer be required to have a minimum of 300 UCAS points and/or a 2:1 degree classification”.  (Ernst & Young website

For their 2016 opportunities they will select people using a suite of online strengths and numerical assessments, removing academic qualifications from their entry criteria.  They have reached this decision after an 18 month analysis of their recruitment and selection process and will no longer screen out candidates based on academic performance.  Ernst & Young believe that it is important that the individual gets the opportunity to show the organisation what their strengths are.  By using individual strengths the candidate will be able to perform at their best, have a fulfilling life and succeed at Ernst & Young.  Once candidates have submitted their application they will be asked to complete four assessments.  This will allow the candidate the opportunity of demonstrating their capabilities in full and also ensures that Ernst & Young will gain a greater understanding of whether the candidate will be a good match for their organisation.

Ernst & Young will use Situational Strengths and Business Behaviour Tests that have been specifically designed to give the candidate a genuine insight into what working at their organisation would be like.  The candidate will be provided with a variety of scenarios and asked to select (in order of preference) responses from a list provided.  A Numerical test will involve 12 questions, set within a time recorded rather than time tested environment.  The candidate can take as long as they need to respond to the questions although their score will reflect both accuracy and time taken.  Candidates will also undertake a first interview by telephone and an assessment centre completing various activities such as a team meeting, a written report, presentation and a final interview.

In keeping with good practice Ernst & Young will make reasonable adjustments in cases of a candidate with a disability or any other reason which requires reasonable adjustment.

Testing Talent welcome the approach to be adopted by Ernst & Young.  Our own work over 17+ years indicates that using Strengths based profiling, situational judgement and psychometric tests such as verbal and numerical reasoning identifies those individuals most likely to succeed in the workplace.

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