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Testing Talent are independent psychometric testing experts with 20+ years experience and operate principally in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Today, the majority of our tests are delivered online using state of the art and easy to use computer systems.    We are independent Chartered Psychologists, not tied to any one test publisher, and work in the interests of the organisation in choosing the most appropriate test, depending on their needs and requirements.  All of the test publishers we use however, are internationally regarded, as industry leaders. We offer choice and value with our wide range of psychometric tests and assessment materials.

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With our online tests available throughout the world we can test for an organisation in the UK or Ireland whilst simultaneously testing for them in Europe, Africa, America, South America, Asia, Australia or New Zealand.

Testing Talent also offers a proctoring service for organisations, for example, located in Australia but who require this service in the UK & Ireland.



Benefits of Psychometric Testing for Organisations

There are a very wide range of psychometric tests available in the market place today and with large numbers of applicants for jobs, testing provides a range of benefits for the organisation.  These are that:

  • Well-designed tests do predict good job performance
  • With computerisation they are cheap to administer with large numbers of individuals being tested wither by computer remotely, or by paper and pencil in groups
  • They minimise bias
  • They are quick to administer, easy to score and results are 100% accurate

However, there are some disadvantages principally that they cannot measure all aspects relating to the job. In addition if using remote computer testing of aptitude or ability tests, it is important that individuals are tested under supervised conditions.

What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric Testing - PersonalityEmployers are always keen to establish whether a new employee or existing employees have the abilities, potential, work style or values to perform effectively in the job role.   Using Testing Talents range of psychometric tests and questionnaires provides, the type of information that employers need.  Research evidence consistently shows that objective measures such as psychometric tests and questionnaires provide more accurate assessments of individuals than subjective approaches such as interviews or evaluating CVs.

While these subjective approaches can provide useful information, particularly in skilled hands, the reliability and precision of objective measures is difficult to match.

Today employers can receive hundreds of applications for a single position, online computer administration of questionnaires and tests provides a way to evaluate large numbers of people and identify the best prospects to invite to interview and further assessment. Typically employers are able to choose between aptitude, ability, situational judgement tests and personality questionnaires as a very cost effective way to gain an initial understanding of a candidate’s potential.

Aptitude Tests

Psychometric TestingAn aptitude test is designed to assess candidates’ aptitudes to perform specific tasks. They focus on determining how a person might perform a certain task. Aptitude tests aim to provide to employers an indication of how they might perform a certain task. The score achieved relates that performance to an average (often referred to as a ‘Norm’) group. Aptitude tests measure the ability to acquire further knowledge or skills. Tests can take between 20 – 45 minutes for a candidate to complete although the market today provides shorter timed versions.

The most common types of aptitude tests are; numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, and abstract reasoning.  With the growth in apprenticeships, aptitude tests also measure, spatial reasoning, mechanical reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning tests.

Ability Tests

Ability Tests have also been found to be particularly useful in predicting future performance, such as mechanical reasoning tests, clerical skills or language ability. Similar to aptitude tests scores are related to an average group and again typically take between 20 – 45 minutes to complete.

Situational Judgement Tests

Most recently Situational Judgement Tests are gaining popularity and many have excellent psychometric properties.   They offer employers, tests that mirror what an employee may experience ‘on the job’. For most employers using ‘off the shelf’ products offer value for money. The cost for developing ‘be-spoke’ exercises can be expensive particularly when developing psychometric rigour to them. Depending on the test these can take between 20 minutes to 1 hour for candidates to complete.

Assessment Centres – Development Centres

Psychometric Testing - Assessment Centre VenueAssessment Centres are typically organised by larger organisations for graduate recruitment or for more senior job roles. This is because they require considerable time involvement from the employer and are expensive. They are generally used at the final stages of selection as it is in an employer’s interests to invite only job applicants most likely to be hired for the job. Assessment centres are geared to identify those individuals who have the competencies required to perform in the job role. They are also used for developing current staff, e.g. into more senior roles within an organisation and in this context are known as Development Centres.

Assessment centres generally last for one day with candidates completing a range of tasks, such as work alone exercises; one-to-one exercises; group exercises; interviews; psychometric tests; and other activities, such as presentations.

Personality Tests

For information on Personality tests please click here.  

Is the Test User Qualified?

It is important and advisable to ensure that the test user has maintained their competence.  In the UK this can be done by checking the British Psychological Society’s Psychological Test Centre (PTC) Register   The PTC website provides access to information about tests and testing. Dominic McCanny (Managing Director Testing Talent) is registered with the Psychological Testing Centre and also holds the European Test User Certificate (Level 2) in the area of Work & Organisational Assessment. He is also qualified to administer and interpret the following personality profiles:

  • SHL’ Occupational Personality Questionnaire
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Development Survey (HDS) and Motives Values Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
  • Saville Assessment Wave Personality Instruments
  • Talent Q
  • 16PF
  • Tests Direct

If you are thinking of undertaking Psychometric Testing, contact us, we have delivered literally thousands of tests over the years.  We can accommodate both small or large numbers of candidates with our range of computer delivered tests, or by paper and pencil