Sales are undoubtedly one of the most important facts in ensuring the success of any organisation.  At Testing Talent we are very aware of how successful salespeople can really drive the growth of the business.  It is particularly important to note that the difference between a good salesperson and even an average salesperson is significant.  The various assessments we use provide an insight into the likely behaviours of the individual when compared against other salespeople (often referred to as the ‘Norm’ Group).

Sales - Woman Unsure About a Sales PitchUsing the various reports  provides a scientific and objective insight into how an individual is likely to behave.  Many salespeople initially come across as being ‘really good’ but then when appointed fail to deliver.  This of course causes the organisation much unnecessary expense and lost sales opportunities.  It makes sense then to assess the likely sales abilities of people before hiring them.  At Testing Talent we are very adept at using the reports to identify those hidden corners were individuals are both going to show success in sales as well as areas of limited potential.

Sales roles do differ, no organisation is the same.  We have often undertaken profiling for sales-teams finding out that whilst some people are particularly good at planning and preparation or building rapport with the customer they lack the skill sets to both ‘close the sale’ and provide ‘after care’ customer service.  We all know the ‘Pareto Rule’ that 80% of sales come from 20% of our customers.  By looking at the strengths of sales people at the various stages of sales we have been able to provide an integrative approach to selling involving a number of sales staff from the same organisation.  This has seen sales grow quite considerably.

Sales Benefits

All the research indicates that personality does impact on the likely success in the sales role.  Getting it right and identifying those ‘above average’ performers means that you will:

  • Select better salespeople
  • Gain a strong prediction of sales performance
  • Increase profits
  • Identify high potential individuals
  • Increase retention of your salespeople
  • Develop individuals and teams in a focused manner
  • Identify future leaders
  • Saves the organisation both time and money

Again over many years (21 in total) of working in the insurance industry I found it was quite common to find very talented salespeople being promoted in to managerial roles.  On numerous occasions this turned out to be a disaster for the organisation and the individual.  Different skill sets are required to identify the Managers and Leaders of teams.  Many of their traits vary.  At Testing Talent we use a range of reports depending on your unique circumstances.  No one test publisher has all of the assessments required.  We offer that unique blend of expertise and experience in assessing individuals for sales roles.

Below you will find short information on a number of the assessments we use with much success for ‘High Potential’ staff such as Regional Sales Director, Senior Sales Consultant, Business Development Manager.

We often combine these with a range of aptitude and situational judgement tests.  Visit our psychometric tests pages for further information | Click here for more 

Saville Assessment Wave-Sales Assessment

Saville Assessment - Professional Sales Profile

Saville Assessment’s Sales Report identifies the potential of individuals across all areas of the sales cycle.  In 2017 they have developed their Sales Report so that it can be interpreted by business owners, recruiting managers and HR staff, without the need of training, although it still requires an ‘accredited user’ to manage the project.  Testing Talent provides both the management of the project and a valuable additional interpretation on the reports via video conferencing or telephone.

This report is ideal for Sales Consultants | Business Development type roles.

A more in-depth report is available for senior roles such as Sales-Director | Regional Sales-Manager which entails our direct involvement with the candidate.  This is to verify the results.  We also spend time with the hiring manager to both understand the job role and their specific requirements.  As part of our service we also assess the individual’s personality using an additional profile also generated when they complete the questionnaire.

Download the Saville Assessment Sales Report | Click Here

Talent Q – Dimensions Sales-Assessment

Talent Q - Dimensions Sales Talent Q’s report has a particularly easy format to understand.  It considers the process of selling in eight different areas – Planning and Preparation | Fact Finding | Building Rapport | Identifying Needs | Presenting Solutions | Handling Objections | Getting the Sale | Post meeting service

This report is also useful were there is a requirement for individuals who must sell ‘ideas’ or ‘convince’ internal stakeholders.  The report can be used for a wide range of job roles.  As ‘accredited users’ we also must manage the project and interview the individual.  Again we assess the individual’s personality using an additional profile report.

Download the Talent Q Dimensions Sales Report | Click Here

SHL OPQ Sales-Assessment

SHL OPQ Sales ReportThe SHL OPQ Sales Report has been a very well developed profile over many years with excellent reliability and validity.  The easy to use report provides an overview of the individual’s styles that are important for success in a sales environment.  The report is a graphical scale and rated on a scale of low to high, or not motivating to very motivating.  Each rating has an interpretation for on-the-job-performance which allows the hiring manager the opportunity to identify strengths, limitations and areas for further investigation.  The report measures success in three main areas – Sales Foundations (factors important in sales effectiveness) | Sales Cycle (how likely an individual will perform in specific sales situations) | Motivation (motivation critical to keep sales people performing at their peak.  There is also the opportunity to avail of ‘The Sales Report Interview Guide’ based on 22 competencies and which can be used to probe areas during an interview.

This report can be used by hiring mangers with Testing Talent managing the project as an ‘accredited user’.  For senior positions we recommend that we interview the candidate and also assess their personality with an additional profile also generated when the candidate completes the questionnaire.

Download the SHL OPQ Sales Report | Click Here

Tests-Direct Ltd – Sales Aptitude Report

Tests Direct - Sales Aptitude Report This report comes from a test publisher that has very quickly established itself as an organisation that produces reliable and valid reports for people with no psychological experience.  They are written for people in an easy to read format that provide both a scale interpretation and narrative report.  The report also very clearly indicates those individuals who have tried to ‘paint’ a positive image of themselves and importantly an indication of an individual’s sales potential.  There are also interview questions that can be used to verify the report findings.  The report covers 9 areas important in the process of selling and as a relatively new profile covers areas such as ‘organizational allegiance’ which gives a likely indication of how long the individual will stay with an organisation.  We would recommend this report for Sales Consultants | Business Development type roles.

Download the Tests-Direct – Sales Aptitude Report | Click Here


Behavioural Assessments

Sales - Retailing SuitsBehavioural assessments are now being used on a very regular basis when there are a lot of individuals for assessment, generally after a short-listing of suitable candidates has been undertaken. They are a very cost effective way to get a good insight into an individual’s capabilities when in a selling environment.  Due to the low cost associated with these ‘selling’ reports they are often combined with aptitude tests so as to also test for an individual’s verbal, numerical or error checking skills.

The type of roles they are generally associated with customer service roles whether this is in a call centre environment or for example in retail trades.  Although they are used for high volume recruitment they also appeal to micro businesses.  They often have very limited resources and these assessments provide information on candidates that most small business owners struggle to obtain.

At Testing Talent we can offer solutions to ensure that your organisation will obtain professional reports that are both reliable and valid and which will identify those high performers.  The following provides an overview of appropriate assessments for a range of roles.  Due to the uniqueness of your business we will work with you in identifying the best assessments available at a cost competitive price combined with a professional service.

Saville Assessment – Commercial Assessment

The target groups for this type of behavioural profile are those employed in:

Financial services e.g. Banking or Insurance |  Commercial Staff  |  Marketing and Business Development.

Download the Saville Assessment – Commercial Sales Assessment | Click Here

Saville Assessment – Customer Services Assessment

The target group for this type of behavioural profile are those employed in:

Retail | Leisure | Health | Education | Hospitality | Call Centres

Download the Saville Assessment – Customer Services Assessment | Click Here


Talent Q – Aspects

The target group for this type of behavioural report are those employed in:

Frontline Occupations in | Retail | Call Centres | Customer Services |  Sales | Retail | Hospitality | Transport | Manufacturing.

We work with you to identify the six essential competencies essential for success in the job out of the following list.  The candidate completes the questionnaire in approximately 10 minutes.  The organisation receives a report with a suitability score giving an indication of success in the job.  With the report is an interview guide for managers to discuss both strengths and limitations of the candidate.

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Download Talent Q’s – Aspects Report | Click Here


Tests Direct Ltd –  Customer Services Inventory

Have you ever had a really good Customer Service experience.  It’s always great to do so.  Indeed this is what makes the difference between your organisation and your competitors.  The Customer Services Inventory shows the candidate’s Customer Focus, Productivity, Confidence and overall Potential.  A written interpretation of the candidate’s profile is provided alongside suggested interview questions.  The report also indicates when candidates attempt to manipulate their responses.

Download Tests Direct – Customer Services Inventory | Click Here


Why Choose Testing Talent

At Testing Talent we put our client first.  We have not only researched the market for the best products but we also know that they provide for organisations an excellent insight into the likely performance of individuals across a range of sales roles.  Dominic McCanny (Owner) worked in insurance sales for 21 years building up a very successful insurance brokerage from scratch.  He knows what it is like to quite literally ‘knock’ on peoples doors right up to working with all types of businesses addressing their pensions and investment decisions.

As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist he is registered with the British Psychological Society and provides the highest level of expertise in providing psychological advice  | Click Here For Details

He is also registered by the Health and Care Professions Council | Registration Number PYL 18376 | Click Here For Details

A Note For You

All of the sample reports provide information on the likely preferences of individuals in sales type roles.  It is important though to also not ignore your own skills in assessing people.  The interview is still a good approach to explore some of the results contained in the reports.  At Testing Talent we also provide additional written reports for consideration should the organisation wish to avail of this service.

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