Interesting facts about hiring people

Hiring and recruiting people for your business requires careful consideration to ensure that you maintain your branding position in very many competitive business settings.  Research by CEB:SHL show some interesting facts:

  • In a world of unprecedented access, 1 in 4 candidates apply to 10 or more organisations per job search
  • Which has led to 33% increase in volume of applications in the past three years
  • However, 72% of applicants are considered low-to-average quality
  • 1 in 5 new hires are considered bad or regretted decisions
  • Only 28% of candidates are considered high quality
  • 1 in 4 candidates report a negative recruiting experience
  • 1 in 3 tell their friends about their negative experiences
  • 1 in 8 use social media to share the negative experience
  • 1 in 5 stop purchasing products/services from that organisation

Top Tips for Smarter Volume Hiring

Start now and make a plan.  Here are some ideas to help you get started to make really good volume hiring decisions:

  1. Gather stakeholder feedback:  Put measures in place to gather feedback from candidates and stakeholders on the recruiting experience, internal recruiting processes and on the employer brand positioning.  Make sure you gather feedback about all candidate touch points – even those points that are not obvious.
  2. Measure and track improvements: Analyse feedback and create clear metrics – positive and negative – on the things that matter: for example candidate fit, candidate experience, new hire turnover and discretionary effort.  Make sure your data structure is clear and specific so you can enact meaningful changes to specific parts of your recruitment process.
  3. Put a communication strategy in place:  Communication is critical for each of the 3 pillars – (i) Communicating your employer brand effectively, (ii) ensuring candidates understand your application process, and (iii) clarifying roles and responsibilities of internal stakeholders to achieve greater effectiveness.
  4. Be clear about your brand promise:  Give candidates the information they need to make better decisions about applying.  Be honest about the role.  And ensure your candidate experience reflects your brand – use assessments that are reflective of the role and the work environment.
  5. Train your recruiters to be strategic advisors:  Recruiters should focus less of their time on administratively burdensome low-value activities, like sifting through resumes and application responses.  Instead, automate low-value activities and focus on developing your recruiters to deliver high-value activities such as proactively advising hiring managers – therefore providing significant value to the business.
  6. Assess and hire for fit, not just ability:  Organisations are disproportionately focusing on ability in the recruitment process, but CEB research shows that fit is equally important on the impact of new hire quality.  Identify the critical behaviours and competencies for the role and use this talent data to inform hiring decisions.
  7. Understand and create a business chase change:  From this guide, you’ve seen the data that shows the potential costs to the business if recruiters do nothing to change.  Utilise CEB research and best practice leveraged from the world’s leading organisations to make evidence based decisions and to support your business case for development in your volume recruiting strategies.

The above information is the Copyright of CEB:SHL Talent Measurement and taken from their ‘The HR Guide to Smarter Volume Recruitment’.

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