Professional Interviewer Skills Training Seminar (3 hours)

Improve your recruitment skills

With the many demands placed on businesses we know just how difficult it can be to devote time and energy into recruiting and selecting people.  In this Professional Interviewer Skills training seminar you will learn the essential steps in recruitment and selection helping you to avoid making costly mistakes as well as attracting talented people to work in your business.

Lady being interviewed.

Interview Setting

Who is the course for?

Anyone who would like to conduct interviews more effectively and learn the essentials of interviewing

Benefits of attending

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Undertake structured preparation
  • Use sound interviewing techniques
  • Gather accurate information about the candidates
  • Make fair selection decisions

Recruit Right First Time

Recruiting right the first time need not be either a difficult or complex task.  Understanding the basics and following our simple guides will greatly assist you in selecting the talented people for your business.   This recruitment and selection course will provide you with the essentials in developing:

  • a competency approach to selection
  • selection interviewing; and
  • avoiding discrimination in interviewing

Competency Approach

 Planning is essential in developing a professional recruitment campaign for your business.  In the course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a job analysis to meet business needs
  • Understanding the difference between the Job Description and Person Specification
  • Setting Performance Standards to measure candidate ’fit’ to the job requirements

Ethics in Interviewing

Our purpose in including reference to ethics in interviewing is to alert participants to some of the areas which may cause potential difficulties if not handled with sensitivity and common sense during an interview.  Here you will learn to avoid discrimination in the:

  • Recruitment advertising
  • Job Description and Person Specification
  • Interview: and Selection tests

Selection Interviewing

This section is designed to focus an interviewer’s preparation on essentials rather than trivial or superficial niceties which potentially detract from the interview process.  Here you will:

  • Prepare the interviewers on the procedures for the interview
  • Introduce the interview process to the candidate
  • Keep the tone of the interview constructive and positive
  • The art of questioning
  • Selecting the best candidate
  • Concluding the interview

Current Course Dates

Check back soon for the next Public Course

Our course can be run ‘in house’ at your business location. 

Please contact Dominic McCanny at Testing talent to discuss your individual requirements

Call us today:  028 8224 3100 or 048 8224 3100 from Republic of Ireland


“I worked with Dominic McCanny of Testing Talent when recruiting a Membership Officer for Omagh Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Dominic’s professional approach to the recruitment and interview process was excellent and provided a positive result. Dominic has many years of practical experience in delivering interview training and has provided recruitment services across many business sectors. Dominic’s Interview Skills seminar will provide attendees with a professional approach to the recruitment and selection process of the right people.”
Nicholas O’Shiel - President, Omagh Chamber of Commerce and Industry


“I attended Testing Talent’s interviewer course to help prepare me before, during and after the interview process. At the beginning of this seminar my knowledge surrounding the interview process was very limited but after a 3.5 hour seminar I was up to date with recent legislation; the  Do’s and Don’ts of interviewing; how to prepare before the candidates arrival; how to select the appropriate questions and what to avoid asking the candidate. This course also helped develop my knowledge of the selection process and how to choose the correct candidate for the job whilst complying with recent legislation. Overall, I feel this course was very effective, reasonably priced and would advise anyone struggling with the interview process to look into attending this course.”
Caolan McKerr, Caseddimensions


“I attended Testing Talent’s interviewer course recently and really enjoyed it.  I do have some experience in interviewing but the advice and practical tips I got at the course has definitely updated my skills in this area.  Dominic is very knowledgeable and took the participants through all the Do’s and Do Nots in interviewing.  The course covered a lot but it was at a good pace and I felt engaged throughout.  As part of the course I received a comprehensive workbook which I will be able to work from in ensuring that I meet the best practice principles of interviewing.  I would definitely recommend anyone to attend.  You will undoubtedly learn a considerable amount from an expert in this area of work”.