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Your Prayers Are Always Answered

Your Prayers Are Always Answered

Prayers are mostly a universal standard belief that most individuals uphold throughout the globe JinPaper. Different religions have different methods of praying. It is an essential aspect of life that all religions and decisions be respected irrespective of where we belong or come from. Rituals and faith about a higher being are of a constant form. Many people believe when they pray that it is a method of communication between God and them. Some people find inner peace by joining their hands and having their hands spread open. 

Praying is believed to be a communication method between God and us. Yes, many people have an opinion of being atheist but like before. The objective is not to disrespect people for their decisions or choices but to respect them and accept them. Humanity by itself is not based on religion, caste or creed to which we belong. It is a united display of human beings from different places, different parts, speaking different languages, and more coming together to support each other, no matter what. Irrespective of their beliefs or religion, humanity is yet celebrated together.

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Morality of praying

 It is quite difficult to believe and have faith in something that you cannot see, but it is not impossible.  People have faith and belief because they have their roots in the concept of a miracle. Like I mentioned before, people have different ways to pray. Some people recite incantations while some light incense, whereas others kneel down and pray and so much more. The most important thing is that people even use numerous ways to display their acts of faith to their respective religions. Individuals share their various opinions on their religions. Some people accept it, and some do not. But religion teaches us universal truth of moral values such as respect, honesty, trust, love and more. Some individuals grow up burying their beliefs and ideas deep within ideas of morality. The Chinese people are one to admire when it comes to praying and faith. Their prayers or chants that are recited draws strong influence to the principles of peace.

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Praying to any God is still a sign of faith, but that does not mean that we should look down on anyone else. On the contrary, we should employ equality in all aspects of life where we are fair to all human beings despite differences. We help people irrespective of their values, ideas, religion and so on. Hence we, even though different, celebrate ourselves. Blood is one such element that is shared by all with no discrimination. We have entered a world that explodes with knowledge, both beneficial and not. We must learn the difference between applying the information for essential utilization and disregarding corrupt information that could hinder the unity that holds humanity together. Miracles happen when you trust your intuition and get an insight on praying. Trust your instincts because morality is not the same for all people. If all people follow their conscience- their moral eye, the world would not require governance as honesty would rule.